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Q. What is Matriarchy?

A. A community or country ruled by Women. Patriarchy likewise is a society ruled by men.

Q. Would matriarchy therefore be exactly like patriarchy except it would be women ruling instead of men?

A. No, because men and women are different physically, mentally and emotionally. So a female dominated government would therefore be very different to a male dominated government.

Q. This is not what Feminism says; Feminism states that men and women are the same.

A. Feminism had a very good reason for making this claim. Patriarchy justified male dominance by claiming that women were intellectually inferior to men, and were too emotional to make sensible decisions. To counter this; Mary Wollstonecraft in 1792 in her book A Vindication of the Rights of Women refuted these claims and stated boldly that men and women were exactly the same. This has become feminist dogma ever since. Today, in the 21st century very few men would dare make the claim that women were intellectually inferior to men, so in Western countries at least, this battle has been won.
The problem for Feminist is that modern scientific studies show that men and women are in fact different. Many authors have written about this and the most popular book on this subject is;  Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. by John Gray.

Feminists don’t like this; because Feminism is all about sexually equality, so they need to continue to claim that men and women are the same. Whereas these new scientific studies support the claims of Matriarchy, which state that; the differences between men and women; will make women far better rulers of our world, than men.

Q. Why would women make better rulers of the world than men?

A. Men do a really terrible job in ruling our world. Men have ruled our world throughout recorded history over the last five thousand years, and this has been a history of continuous warfare, genocide, injustice, torture and widespread poverty. So why do men inflict this suffering onto the whole world?
If we look at nature we find the majority of male animals fight and compete with each other for dominance. For instance, very spring, bulls, stags and rams head butt each other to establish who is the strongest male, and the strongest get to mate with the females.

The human male has the same instincts, but instead of fighting with horns, claws or teeth, men fight each other with spears, swords, guns, rockets, aircraft and even nuclear weapons.

Men’s completive instincts also create a world of winners and losers, with the winners having power and wealth while the losers are poor and powerless. This is true in every patriarchal society in the world, where power and wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small minority, of alpha men.

Women unlike men have a powerful maternal and nurturing instinct. In the animal world we find mothers have a powerful instinct to bear children and look after them until they are able to look after themselves. In the human mother this instinct has to be very strong, as unlike all other animals, the human baby is totally helpless in the first few years of its life. Also it take nearly 20 years for the human being to become fully grown, so the human mother has give lot of commitment into bring up her young.

Any government dominated by women will be strongly motivated by this powerful nurturing instinct, in the same way a male dominated government is motivated by there competitive instincts. So a Matriarchal government will be strongly focused on the welfare of the children they rule. They would ensure that all the children in the country they rule would not be brought up in poverty and ignorance.  Also, because of this, a feminine government would be strongly motivated to eliminate poverty. Women will not have the same interest in warfare as what men have. They may see the need of a strong military force in which to defend themselves, but would have no great urge to go to war. Like we see in the recent invasion of Iraq by USA and UK.

Throughout recorded history men have constantly tried to ‘solve’ disputes between countries, religions and different political systems through warfare. As we can see in the cases of Crusader wars between Christians and Moslems, the many wars between Roman Catholics and Protestants, as well as the internal wars in Islam between Sunny and Shiite Moslems that is fuelling the conflict in Iraq today. There have been also political wars, like that between communism and capitalism in the 20th century. War has also started for another reasons, like one ruler decided he wanted to loot and conquer other countries. As we can see in the case of Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler.

It is natural and normal for most male animals to compete against each other. As previously mentioned every spring, male goats, rams, bulls, stags will bang heads together to see who is the strongest, and it is the biggest and strongest gets to mate with the females. So we can see a powerful desire within all males to be the biggest, strongest and most of all, to be the winner. What is more, male animals become the winners through violence. For instance male hippopotamuses have been known to inflict horrendous wounds on each other, while bull elephants and lions have been known to kill each other.

Likewise, men have been known to kill each other fighting over a woman. This means that in his masculine mind, fighting and using violence is the ‘normal’ way to settle disputes. This means that rival countries ruled by men, will have a desire to test each other out, to see who is the strongest, and they will ‘naturally’ do this through violence and warfare.

This has been taken to the extreme in the 20th century, in the First World War, (1914-18) 10 million people died or went missing. (Historians are completely baffled about what brought about this war and don’t agree on what caused it.) In the Second World War with the aerial bombardment of towns and cities the civilian casualties was enormous, and about 52 million people were killed. These figures don’t include the millions of people maimed, as well as physically and mentally disabled, because of their experience in the war. Not to mention those who lost sons, husbands and other relations.

WW2 Hiroshima Atom Bomb Aftermath
 These figures were boosted by the destruction of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by nuclear bombs. This to lead to the cold-war between the USSR and NATO, where both sides produced and deployed enough nuclear weapons to destroy the whole of civilization many times over. This war became a real show of strength as both sides continued an arms and technology race to see who had the most deadly weapons. As the result the USSR was spending half of its gross domestic product on military spending while the USA has spent 19 Trillion dollars on the military since WW2. And for what? Why was it impossible for both sides to come together to see the stupidly of this war?

The reason is that the male leaders from both sides were driven by their masculine instincts to compete and see who was the strongest. We are very fortunate that they managed to resist taking their instincts to the extreme, because they realized that if they had a nuclear war, they would have annihilated each other. The USA called their nuclear strategy M.A.D that stands for Mutual Assured Destruction, so they clearly realised the insanity of the situation. Yet in spite of this, the cold war continued for over 30 years with the whole world under threat of nuclear annihilation.

Both sides in all wars claim they have no choice but to go to war, because if you are not prepared to arm yourself, then you are open to attack from countries who do have an army and military weapons. So even countries like Switzerland who managed to stay neutral during both the First and Second World War has a law, making it compulsory for young men do military training. And during the cold war, they built vast underground shelters for its population in case of nuclear attack.
This then means that if we cannot trust other countries not to build up military strength and use it to conquer other countries, then war is inevitable and will always be with us. Yet this is only true while men rule our world. While we have men in positions of power in countries of the world, they will want to compete with other countries using violence and warfare, because their competitive instincts push them in that direction.

So it means if we want to eliminate warfare from our world, we have to also eliminate male rule and have women rule every country in the world.

Men like to proudly proclaim they are the most intelligent animals on this earth. (Women off course are not mentioned). And to support this claim of great intelligence they point to the great technological achievements like, motorcars, aeroplanes, space-rockets, computers and nuclear weapons. Yet in spite of these great achievements, men have totally failed to eliminate poverty and starvation from the world.

When male leaders are questioned about this, they are able to give many excuses, and to be fair there are many problems in solving worldwide poverty. Yet when you look at the problems of putting a man on the moon in the 1969, you find men do have the brains and problem solving skills to overcome the most difficult problems. So if that is the case, why haven’t men used their great intelligence and ingenuity to solve the problems of poverty?

The difficulty is not intelligence but motivation. The male dominated countries in the world are not in competition with each other to see who has less people living in poverty. Unlike the space race between the USSR and USA, where both countries spent billions of dollars and used their best brains and best technology to make it possible to take a manned rocket to the Moon. And for what? There is nothing on the Moon. Many people assumed that when this was done, they would go further and set up bases on the Moon, but this didn’t happen. Both countries soon cut back their spending and all we have to show for this billion-dollar project, is a few lumps of moon rock.

So if this is the case, why did both countries spend so much money doing this? Because it was a competition, and when the competition was over and there was a clear winner and loser, then both sides quickly lost interest.

Yet as many people have pointed out: Why can’t the billions spent on putting a man on the Moon or the trillions of dollars spent on the military; be used to elevate poverty in our world? There is never a satisfactory answer to this.

To justify the vast spending of putting a man on the moon or the military spending, it has been suggested that problems needed to solve making something like the Saturn Rocket or making clever weapons, has boosted the progress of our technology. So without the competition between the cold-war super powers, technology wouldn't be as advance, as it is today. The problem with that argument is that even with our advance technology it is still not being used to overcome poverty and starvation.  Also the technology in putting men on the Moon is not appropriate for solving problems like poverty.  This can be done using a low level of technology. It is not technology that is the problem, but the will and motivation to do this.

Inventing clever missiles that can penetrate the defences of the enemy or putting a man on the moon, is exciting to the masculine mind. Relieving poverty is boring and is more a woman’s concern.
What makes poverty worse throughout the world is overpopulation. The human population of Earth reached 1 billion in 1804, 2 billion in 1927, 3 billion in 1959, 4 billion in 1974 and 5 billion in late 1986. On October 12th 1999, the human population of Earth reached 6 billion.

Today many people claim the population problem has been solved. In India and China the two most populated areas in the world, they had to use very draconian laws to keep the population down. In India they even forcibly sterilized women, while in China, couples are restricted to only one child. An unfortunate by-product of these laws is that both countries have a culture that makes having a son necessity. 

As the result, female foetuses are being aborted or baby girls are being murdered. And now a generation on, both countries have too many men and not enough women. This could spark a population crash in the next few generations, as there will be too few women to produce children.
In many third world countries the population is being restricted by the Malthus theory. Thomas Malthus in 1798 pointed out that left unrestricted, human populations would grow until they became too large to be supported by the food available. At this point the population would be limited by famine and warfare, as people fight over food.

This is exactly what is happening in Africa today. In places like the Sudan; war and genocide is killing millions of people as men fight over scarce food resources.

So we can see how the world population problem is being solved. Draconian laws are restricting population growth in India and China and war, genocide, disease and famine are restricting population growth in Africa. The problem is with these ‘solutions’ is that they cause horrendous suffering to the population. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to imagine the suffering of an African family living in a famine area and watching their children die of starvation, thirst or disease caused by drinking contaminated water. Or the fear of militias or a warlord coming into their village to steal or kill everyone simply because the villagers belong to a different ethnic group.

We can also look at the fate of Chinese men who now have little chance of ever getting married because there are too few women in the country. Or the fate of Chinese women who have been kidnapped and forced to live with a man she doesn't know. This is because in China today, people pay criminal gangs to kidnap women for them to forcefully marry their sons.

Yet there is a far more humane solution the world’s population explosion, and that is to give women equal rights. Europe up to the 20th century also had problems of overpopulation, but then women began to demand equal rights, and this was to have a dramatic effect on population size. Up until 20th century, the Church had strict rules about the use of contraception and abortion. It was also a rule that a wife could not refuse to have sex with her husband. And by law a husband had a legal right to rape his wife, if he so wished. The result was that women didn’t have control over their own bodies and found themselves forced to produce children every year, whether they wanted them or not.

Then as women became empowered in the 20th century they began to use birth-control methods and found they had the right to have as many children as they wanted. This was even true in strongly Roman Catholic countries like Italy and Ireland where women were willing to defy the Church’s teachings on birth control. The result was that most women restricted themselves to about 2-3 children and the population stabilised and even went down in some countries.

This then begs the question; why did the Christian and Islamic religions make such crazy laws that force women to have children every year and cause a population explosion? Some people put this down to Church dogma but in the USSR an atheist state, they also greatly encouraged women to have more children and even gave them medals for the number of children they produced. So what is going on? Why do male dominated countries want women to produce lots of children? We can understand this through demise of the ancient Greek state of Sparta.

Sparta was a powerful military State where the young boys were trained to be soldiers from a very early age. So well trained were the Sparta men that they frequently beat armies far larger then themselves. In the famous battle of Thermopylae, in 480 BC, a force of 300 Spartans stopped a Persian army of a million troops. Yet they had one weakness, which was finally exploited by their enemies.

The freedom given to Spartan women was in complete contrast to its neighbour Athens and other Greek states. Although Athens was the birthplace of democracy, the men completely subjugated their women. So although Sparta was a very successful military state and defeated Athens in 404 BC, it seems its military downfall was caused by the freedom it gave to its women. In Athens and other Ancient Greek states women didn't have control over their own bodies. So they couldn't refuse sex from their husbands or use contraception and were forced to have large numbers of children. In Sparta on the other hand, women had complete control over their own bodies and could refuse her husband or any other man, sexual intercourse, (it seems the Spartan women even had the freedom to openly have sex with other men). They were also free to use contraception. This then means they were free to decide how many children she wanted to have.

As the result, over many generations the population of the surrounding Greek states grew, while the population in Sparta declined. Resulting in Sparta becoming heavily outnumbered and lost its final battle to overwhelming numbers.

This lesson was not lost on other patriarchal states that have ever since kept their populations high, for fear of being outnumbered in times of war. The success of the Roman Empire was caused by fact they were more successful in forcing their women to breed every year, than other patriarchal states. So they had very large armies of young men and were able to outnumber their opponents.
In modern times we still have the same problem. In Western counties where women have greater freedom, they also have stable populations while inhabitants in countries where women are still subjugated, keeping on growing at an alarming rate. Fortunately the Western countries are very powerful both economically and militarily and so are not likely to be conquered by a much larger military force in the foreseeable future. Like what happened to the Spartans. So it means that equal rights for women are dependent on the technological power of modern warfare. Where the destructive power of modern weapons is so great, that very large armies are not as important as the technological capabilities of the military.

Yet the threat is still there. All Western countries are subjected to immigration of people from overpopulated countries, wanting to live in the West. Businesses want this, because they can use these immigrants as cheap labour so they encourage them to keep on coming into Western countries. Unfortunately they mostly come from very patriarchal countries where women have few rights, (this being the reason why they are poor and their own countries are overpopulated). While the immigrants are in the minority this is not a problem, as after a generation or two the women learn that they have the same rights as Western women. But if these immigrants were to come in too quickly they could overwhelmed the native population and impose strict patriarchal ideas onto them. So it could happen that all the gains make by Feminists during the 20th century could go in reverse by uncontrolled immigration from very strict patriarchal countries.

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